Schools in Project Groceries

What is a School?

A 'School' in Project Groceries is the account not necessarily belonging to any one user, that all Teacher/Assistant and Student accounts fall under. Generally the 'School' in Project Groceries and the school that is using Project Groceries are the same.

Possible Exceptions

There are some possible exceptions where a school has more than one 'School' in Project Groceries. For example: if a school has a senior and junior campus AND wants to keep them separate, the way to do this would be to sign up each campus as a separate 'School' in Project Groceries. This would mean that the school has two 'Schools' in Project Groceries.

Why is this Important?

The distinction of what a 'School' is in Project Groceries is important, mainly for the cost of licenses. A 'School' in Project Groceries is the unit used to measure how much a license will cost. Currently this is $350.00 AUD per 'School' per year.

Difference Between 'School' and 'Teacher/Student' Accounts

The main difference between a 'School' account and a User (Teacher/Student) account, is that multiple user accounts can be grouped under a 'School' account.

Even though any one person does not necessarily own the 'School' account, the 'School' account is tied, mainly, to one person's account. This person is an 'Admin' Teacher of the 'School'. Only Teacher accounts can be made Admins, and there has to be at least one Admin account per 'School'.

To find out more about 'Admin' and other account roles, take a look at this article about Teacher and Student Accounts

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